Naoto Amaki's mail magazine No.60 Jan. 29, 2011

"And Then There Were None"

Rebel campaign in Egypt have intensified.

I didn't expect it would expand as big as it is to tell the truth.

In any event, the Mubarak regime has escaped any danger so far.

It's due to the overwhelming support of U.S.

Then I still don't think Egypt would achieve a popular revolution like Tunisia.

U.S. would try to build up a pro-U.S. regime at a pinch, discarding Mubarak.

It's obviously not a true popular revolution which I hope.

If the people revolution is not real thing, major trend is not affected.

But what I want to say here is not the future of Egypt.

Instead, the reality that shows regimes which have been strongly supported by U.S. have changed one after another all over the world.

Japan might find itself remaining as the only nation which is most obedient to U.S.

Such Japan is a unfortunate country needless to say.

When early morning TV show was covering the situation in Egypt today (Jan. 29), muttering of a guest Democrats of Japan was impressive.

He expressed the feeling that even Mubarak regime which is supported by U.S. has come to this... with a tone between surprise and worry.

He would be probably not familiar with international politics.
Least of all, He'd know nothing about Mideast situation at all.

And he of the sort must just represent the simple idea of Japanese public.

However, international political reality never goes that way.

A period is ending in the world, which support of U.S. has guaranteed regime stability of a dependent country.

Rather, it's been a dependent country which has fallen down one after another.

It doesn't mean domination by U.S. is ending.

On the contrary, U.S. would continue to dominate the world using all means.

The world knows how difficult it is to escape from U.S. domination.

Nevertheless, every country in the world and its people are still demanding self-independence.

This movement is spreading now.

And it's a natural consequence of political and economic development in those countries.

It's natural expression of people being awakened.

Naoto Kan politician who had been watching the prime minister Hatoyama as a colleague in the former administration had taken over the prime minister learning from Hatoyama as teacher by negative example, rather than helped Hatoyama.
Then Kan has soon made a sudden change to a mindless follower to U.S. this far.

If this behavior was based on the feelings like "An anti-U.S. attitude would never let me become the prime minister, but, with only support of U.S. my administration could survive.", it would have been too shallow.

And the prime minister Kan is suffering from this wrong idea now.

Then, would the time come when people in Japan will be also awakened for independence from U.S. likewise the other people in the world, along with their tidal stream?

I hope so.